A New Economy

One of my goals is to create a framework for a new market force that will be 100% driven by the populations they serve. The key element is operating under the same principles as the open software industry. I’ve named these entities open source co-operatives.

Put in normal terms, an open source co-operative is a business with the sole purpose of serving humanity. The network of these businesses will serve and represent the collective will of the people.

The co-op provides a good/service (i.e. – food, news, health insurance, etc), operating in a transparent manner. All communications, salaries, expenditures are public. By operating in full view of the public, the propensity for corruption nears zero and the shared knowledge learned becomes public domain. The end result is a direct transfer of power from large institutions (government or private) to local communities.

The three areas we should focus on converting to Open Source Co-Operatives (OSCOare food, news and health insurance. Please see this stream.


Whether you are a hippie communist who wants GMO free produce or a right wing conservative who wants to be independent of “the man”, it makes sense for your community to grow food independent of decisions based on greed and corruption. At the very least, people should be able to feed themselves without the help of government or the for-profit industry. An OSCO could also be created to prepare and deliver the local food creating even more convenience for the population it serves.


WMDs, Vietnam, Russia hackers/trolls, lack of climate change debate, lack of people oriented issue debates, etc … We don’t have real news in our society. Even independent news journalists are also “just trying to make a living”. We can create a de-centralized network where all journalists can submit their work in the public view. The articles can be up/down voted based on any factors the public wants and be curated similar to how Google/Apple/Yahoo offer customizable news feeds. This puts the power to determine if a story is well written, level of “click-baity-ness”, etc directly into the hands of people rather than a corruptible government body or greed-driven for-profit institution.


To address immediate concerns, providing the option to buy Medicare would temporarily ease much of the financial hardship associated with high medical costs. This is only a short term fix as neither capitalism nor top-down governments can be trusted with our health decisions.

Our entire health industry has been turned into a monopolistic market place. Greed, money and profit as guiding forces do not have our health in mind, regardless of the affordability. OSCOs can slowly overtake our existing system starting with independent family practices, out patient health clinics, labs, etc.


The timing of when OSCOs are created depends entirely on ability to create one. Some problems (energy, transportation, manufacturing) require more participation and even governmental cooperation. These will naturally develop as demand rises and people begin to rely on the OSCO network (ie, people rely on themselves and not government or big money).


The long term benefits of open source cooperatives would need not only its own web page, but an entire movie series. The freedom we the people will eventually experience when we take control of our lives will reach into the fabric of our society, minds and souls. The only thing better than seeing this change of power to people in real time is knowing that a future generation born into a society that values life will exist. Initially however, the benefits will “only” be clean food, non-corporate news and more access to health care.


Initially, I expect more youth and unemployed people to participate, but also a large number of people who wish to serve humanity instead of capitalism. As rough edges are smoothed out, the incentives and reasons for other small business owners and individuals will continue to increase. The beauty of it is that this is all driven by a “free market of needs” rather than our current “free market of profit”.