Greed, money, power and corruption are the driving forces for humanity's larger decisions. The end result to the people is increased school/credit/housing debt, lower overall wages, higher incarceration rates and endless war.


People Are Divided

Progressives and conservatives communicate and view the world completely differently. After decades of "marketing", we been divided up more than I've seen in my lifetime. While we all have similar end goals of humanity thriving, progressives and conservatives disagree on where we are, how we got here, and of course, how to move forward. The top issues I see from each are:


  • Social Justice
  • Climate Change
  • Peace
  • Deal Breaker: Free market is heartless


  • Safety / Security
  • Preserving Culture (tradition)
  • Freedom
  • Deal Breaker: Big government doesn't work
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A Closer Look

Without a doubt, our biggest problem is that we don't understand each other, especially our political adversaries. We don't live in a climate that encourages working together to solve our biggest problems, in fact the opposite. When was the last time you saw network news air two different political sides having a constructive thoughtful discussion? I'm not sure I've ever seen one. This is bad news if the populous is required to be involved for society to function.

Not only is the public divided in their perspectives, history and desired path forward, there exists no outlet where rational discourse regarding our biggest problems is discussed. Political parties thrive on our division.

As a first step in understanding "the other political side", consider accepting two things: progressives are correct that the free-market/capitalist model is heartless and conservatives are correct that big government doesn't work. I believe both are correct and both invalidate the major solutions offered by all political parties.

The Source of it All

There are two major forces that determine our fate: business interests (greed/money/power) and governments which are prone to corruption. Over the last century, these two forces pushed for the wealth to be transferred to the "elite" class (those who own private jets/yachts). This shows up to the public as more student/car/credit card debt, short selling homes, job insecurity, increased incarceration rates, less access to healthcare, etc.

While individual politicians may mean well, the federal government and both political parties as institutions have failed in their soul endeavour: representing the people. Corruption has paralyzed progress and there are no signs of change. If greed, money, power and corruption are the major driving forces for humanity, it is unreasonable to expect our society to improve now or any generation until these forces are addressed.

To make matters worse, automation and AI advancements over the next decade will mark a permanent decrease in available jobs. This will force us into a universal basic income model where dependence on government or corporations gets amplified. This is not a future I'm morally okay with leaving for the next generation.


Cooperative Economy

The answer to how to fix both the progressive concern about the morality of capitalism and the conservative concern about inefficient/corrupted governments is to create a framework for people's collaboration that is recession proof.

Human Rights

I will always side with human rights over any institution or profit motive. A new social contract with each other guided by a "live and let live" philosophy combined with a new economic model will ensure equal respect for everyone. There can be no them, just us.


It's absurd we do not have access to reasonable healthcare yet. Our entire system has been corrupted by greed sold to us as free market efficiency.


We need an adult conversation about the power of the feminine. Empathy and sensitivity are not weaknesses, they are the glue for humanity.


Everyday, different groups of people are reminded that they are an XXX rather than a human being first. The sources of this division are widespread and omnipresent while the solution remains in our hands.


Nearly everything has to change in terms of focus and organization. Empathy, self confidence, communication skills and curiousity must be a focus when educating future generations.


There would be little divide on guns if there wasn't so much money obsessed with the division. Even Michael Moore concluded guns are not the problem.


People should be free to use drugs in their homes and society should only step in when it becomes a societal problem. It's an absurd notion that governments dictate our morality.

Climate Change

We must have immediate public conversations between skeptics and believers to reach a common accepted truth and solution. I believe climate change is real and man made, but I also believe money can corrupt science.

Social Security

Not only should the cap be lifted, people who cannot afford medical care shouldn't be paying taxes. Social security must be solvent until there is another option.


People absolutely deserve a decent standard of living. Capitalism's greed is also in direct conflict. Reality cannot be denied and people cannot bear the brunt of a failing economic model.


We've been at war for 90+% of our history. It appears as though President Eisenhower was correct in his warning about the Military Industrial Complex. The "war on terror" must be discussed.