There are plenty of ways to contribute to this movement.

1. Schedule meetings with friends, family and co-workers

I would love to speak to any group interested in moving our society forward. This includes friends, co-workers, churches, clubs, etc. Please note: these are not fundraisers. I will not be asking for money. My goal here is only to present these ideas to as many people as I can and let democracy do the rest. If you can gather a crowd of at least 10 people, please fill out this request to get started.

2. Involve yourself with the creation of open source cooperatives

OSCOs are the key to our future as they are the mechanism which set up the guidelines for our cooperation. Food, news and health insurance are my priorities, but people should focus on services they would like to see. If you want to add your expertise from a known field, that’s great. If you want to explore something new, that’s also great. The idea moving forward is that people shouldn’t be forced to doing jobs they don’t want just to live. This network will be a subset of capitalism but guided directly by the demands of the people.

3. Volunteer

If you would like to volunteer on this campaign, I would love the help! Please contact me and select the “Volunteer” option.

4. You can send me money 💰

This campaign is self funded and I don’t believe I will need much money to win, but having additional resources never hurts. You can donate here. The plan is to use leftover funds to help the creation of OSCOs.