My name is Freeman and I'm running for Congress
in California's 52nd district as an independent

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About Me

After 18 years writing software, I paid off my 3 bedroom house and was for the first time, living debt free. This was a major feat for me as I had an unconscious fear of not having financial security later in life. After a year of not paying a mortgage and saving money, I decided to treat myself to a "year off of life". The thought of working 5 more years just to get a bigger house or a different car wasn't appealing. I moved into an apartment in downtown San Diego to enjoy the view of the harbour. I worked part time writing software to pay the bills and the rest of the time, which was ample, was spent relaxing.

Having the space to unwind led me to growing in ways I hadn't anticipated. I finally felt safe enough to ponder what my next step in life was going to be without "worrying" about my retirement. While I do like computers, I worked in the industry longer than I wanted mainly due to fear of finances. That fear was running my life and I was completely unaware of it. I thought it was just something I wanted in life because ... well, because I've always wanted it.

With that unconscious fear gone, my passion for how society is organized and resources allocated surfaced in ways I could no longer ignore. The "exciting" 2016 election amplified this energy and highlighted the need for me to help humanity take a step forward.

I like to solve the root cause of problems, not just address symptoms. From a big picture perspective, for-profit interests and top-down governments are the two major forces guiding humanity. Capitalism is guided by greed, money and power while governments which are meant to protect the people from that greed, are overrun with corruption. Greed, money, power and corruption have removed wealth from the middle class, brought unncessary war and are showing no signs of abating.

The time is now for progressives and conservatives to understand each other's beautiful perspective in order to create pragmatic solutions to our everyday problems. Standing together, I believe humanity will rise.

From my heart to yours,